NVSD Staff Directory

Note that email addresses are first initial of the first name,last name @nvsd.org
Example: Lori Roberts is: lroberts@nvsd.org

Name Position/Department
Akers, James Transportation
Alexander, Tina Middle School
Alexieff, Kyla Admin Office
Allen, Kim High School
Amundson, Brian Elementary
Baird, Lauri Transportation
Balcom, Ashlee Gifted/Talented
Bales Root, Jaime Elementary
Barden, Alyssa Elementary
Beatty, Linda Middle School
Berkey, Vance Maintenance
Bigby, Dave Transportation
Blanchard, John Maintenance
Bone, Kylie Food Service
Bowman, Robert Admin Office
Breshears, Cheyanne Elementary
Breshears, Terry Middle School
Burns, Tammy Special Services
Busey, Laura Elementary
Cabrera, Pascual IT
Calvert, Kailey Elementary
Carlson, Shannon Elementary
Cass, Dusty High School
Ceniceros, Veronica Elementary
Chance, Tamara Middle School
Chapman, Jessica Middle School
Clark, Julie Middle School
Clark, Katheryn Elementary
Cochran, Tracie High School
Colindres, Jayla Elementary
Conger, Katharina High School
Cookson, Ron Transportation
Cooley, Heather Elementary
Corliss, Ira Middle School
Craig, Rhonda Middle School
Davis, Frankie Food Service
Davis, Kathy Elementary
Deaton, Brittney High School
Deaton, Christy Elementary
Deaton, Ron High School
Devoe, Tim Middle School
Dominguez-Ortiz, Janet Special Services
Donaldson, Courtney Middle School
Downs, Michelle Middle School
Drye, Kristin Elementary
Eims, Teresa High School
Eternick, Kristine Elementary
Epp, Corban High School
Fassel, Megan High School
Ferguson, Glenn Middle School
Fife, Jake High School
Flores, Maria Elementary
Frazier, Joe High School
Flowers, Tracy Elementary
Fretwell, Cindy Elementary
Fuller, Leesha Transportation
Garza, Jennifer Middle School
Goebel, Andrea Transportation
Grimm, Caitlin High School
Hansen, Connie Elementary
Harris, Katelin Elementary
Harwood, Mary Elementary
Hastings, Justin High School
Hatten, Sara Elementary
Haukeli, Paula High School
Henderson, Tammy Elementary
Herting, Brian High School
Hollon, Kami Elementary
Holt, Danielle Elementary
House, Jennifer Elementary
Huck, Lona Elementary
Huck, Lori Elementary
Hyndman, Sarah Middle School
Inions, Candice High School
Inions, Eric Middle School
Jacobs, Tara High School
Jaeger, Greg Transportation
Johnson, Brian IT
Johnson, Cody Elementary
Johnson, Tracy High School
Johnston, Kala High School
Jones, Camille Elementary
Jones, Keith Elementary
Keeler, Matt High School
Kelly, Elizabeth Elementary
Kerns, Molly Elementary
Kramer, Josh Middle School
Krienke, Tonya High School
Kring, Jordan Elementary
Kruger, Kyler Elementary
Lacey, Renae Elementary
Lair, Karen Transportation
Laurvick, Emma Middle School
Lesher-McFarland, Kathleet Elementary
Lindvall, Kristin Elementary
Long, Kylie High School
Lounsbury, Cindy Elementary
Madrigal, Marcos Transportation
Malwitz, Tom Elementary
Manfredi, Angie Elementary
Marin, Janie Middle School
McKay, Jordan High School
McColm, Andrew High School
McColm, Jill High School
McKeirnan, Elizabeth Elementary
McNearney, Monty Transportation
McTee, Nicole Food Service
Meadows-Choate, Brenda High School
Messer, Rob Virtual Academy
Messinger, Wandah Admin Office
Mickle, Jeni High School
Miller, Lisa Middle School
Mitts, Marci Elementary
Mitzel, Shannon Food Service
Mullinnex, Sandra Special Services
Muller, Gerry Special Services
Nass, Wendy High School
Nelson, Jordan Middle School
Neveu, Tami Elementary
Ozanich, Aimee Middle School
Padilla, Lily Elementary
Paul, Shelly Special Services
Perez, Jeanie Transportation
Phillips, Kate Elementary
Pietsch, Caity Middle School
Poppe, Jenikka Elementary
Power, Christy Middle School
Preston, Kendyl High School
Recondo, Maddy Elementary
Reich, Erika Admin Office
Reynolds, Karlie Elementary
Rhodes, Dusty High School
Robbins, William Transportation
Roberts, Lori Transportation
Ruiz, Michelle Elementary
Schneider, Kristi Food Service
Schuler, Amanda Middle School
Scott, Teresa Middle School
Sears, Chad Elementary
Shively, Samantha Middle
Simmons, Deborah Middle School
Sloan, Kim Elementary
Smith, Katie Elementary
Stapleton, Tona Admin Office
Stinglen, Savannah Middle School
Stuntebeck, Cassaundra High School
Tabor, Nancy Elementary
Tatro, Kim Elementary
Taylor, Kathy Elementary
Templet, Kristin Middle School
Topel-Jones, Kristina Elementary
Tyrell, Lily Middle School
Valentine, Eric High School
Van Weerdhuizen, Gerrit High School
Vandagriff, Joe Middle School
Van Wagoner, Jay High School
Van Wagoner, Jennielynn Elementary
Vavrika, Julie Middle School
Verduzco, Cinthia Transportation
West, Carey Transportation
Williams, Rebecca Elementary
Wise, Terra Admin Office
Worby, Brad High School
Wright, Shasta Elementary
Yates, Krystal Middle School
Young, Chad Maintenance
Zamora, Claire Special Services

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